Chiropractic service in Cairns

If you are looking for a chiropractic service provider, you don’t have to look any further than Trinity Family Chiropractic. Our treatments are gentle and effective for both helping to alleviate pain and for preventing chronic issues from occurring in the first place. We provide postural alignment from injuries or accidents and also from day to day wear and tear, things like poor posture, lifting heavy things or wearing the incorrect shoes. We are committed to increasing your level of comfort and helping you reach the root cause of a problem in order to provide complete healing.
Enlisting the help of a trained chiropractic service provider can offer benefits for those who:
Spine — Chiropractic in Cairns, QLD
Have chronic pain
Whether you know the source of your pain, such as in the case of an injury or accident, or you have unexplained pain and stiffness, we can help you find out the underlying cause and provide realignment to improve spine function and comfort.

Want preventative care
Your spinal health plays a big part in the health of your entire body. To keep things in line, come and see us and we’ll help you recover from minor misalignments before they become more serious.

Pediatric care
Children are especially prone to spinal issues because their bones are still developing. They are also more likely to suffer contact injuries through play and sports. We can keep your little one in alignment to help promote the correct spinal development and prevent issues as they grow.

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We are here for you regardless of the age or the type of issue you are having. We’ve helped patients from all walks of life by making sure we fully understand the problems at play and taking a holistic approach to healing that keeps the entire patient in mind. Call today to request a consultation or to schedule an appointment.