Neuro emotional technique in Cairns

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Neuro Emotional Technique can help with a range of mental health issues related to negative emotions and deeply ingrained belief systems. Your negative feelings could be due to trauma you have experienced, low self-esteem stemming from as far back as your childhood, or you have less dramatic but just as harmful, beliefs you have accumulated over time. Regardless of the origin, we can help you finally release those feelings and find true healing from self-doubt, stress and a range of other negative emotions manifesting as physical symptoms.

Stress can also cause a range of physical ailments such as headaches, aches and pains, anxiety, organ dysfunction and self-sabotaging behaviours.

NET isn't always used as primary therapy, it can be used as a complementary therapy for your existing treatments although many patients report feeling release once their adjustment is over.

The Neuro Emotional Technique is used to repair imbalances caused by unresolved stress responses. It’s intended to remove blockages that prevent true healing, enabling other therapies to work more effectively or allowing the body to naturally heal and repair itself from the inside out.

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If you want a safe, gentle and effective means of releasing negative, stress-fueled emotions from your subconscious for good, call to make an appointment with our trained NET practitioners today. We will discuss your symptoms, both emotional and physical, to determine if NET or another therapy is right for you. We take a whole patient approach to care so we can help facilitate healing from the inside out.